Monthly Archive: December, 2012

Site update and 2012 in Review

So I spent the holiday period rebuilding my website, when I wasn’t eating and drinking that is, sometimes I was eating and drinking and working at the same time, as I am now… Continue reading

Geoff shoots with a new lens!

So I got a new lens, I haven’t got a new lens for a looong time. It’s a telephoto zoom, and in the spirit of getting a new telephoto zoom in the UK,… Continue reading

Geoff shoots the Milky Way – Morocco

I cocked up with this photo and here’s why. When we decided to go to Morocco we booked a tour that included 3 nights camping in the Sahara. I’ve wanted to shoot the… Continue reading

Geoff shoots Zagora – Morocco

At least I think this is Zagora. According to our itinerary all we did today was go on the 4WD desert drive to Chigaga, with lunch in the middle. But somewhere before lunch we stopped… Continue reading

Geoff shoots Prague – that’s right, some more Prague

Those of you that follow this blog know that while it’s also a travel kinda blog it’s mainly all about the photography. Sure if I had better command of my words I could… Continue reading

Geoff shoots Morocco – The road from Marrakech to the Desert

We arrived in Marrakech late in the afternoon and didn’t get a chance to explore. The following day was spent in a bus crossing the Atlas Mountains to the desert where we would… Continue reading

Geoff shoots Prague – Day 3

A good portion of pictures from day 3 were of Charles Bridge, which I posted on Monday. We left after lunch so there wasn’t much for me to choose from. Here’s a rag… Continue reading

Geoff shoots Prague at night

Prague at night, shot from across the river looking towards Charles Bridge and the Castle. I could’ve spent loger wandering around Prague taking pictures the evening but we had a dinner date, which… Continue reading

Geoff shoots Charles Bridge – Prague

Charles bridge is probably the most famous landmark in Prague, or at least an even first with the castle. During the day it is packed with tourists and stalls selling locally made art.… Continue reading