Site update and 2012 in Review

So I spent the holiday period rebuilding my website, when I wasn’t eating and drinking that is, sometimes I was eating and drinking and working at the same time, as I am now to be honest. As you also may have noticed I thought I’d better redo this blog layout at the same time. I’ve gone for nice and simple white, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

To spice things up, instead of just doing a “wow things are different” post I thought I’d do a 2012 in review post as well as they seem to be so popular at the moment. So I picked my twelve favorite images, you know, one for each month. I went through a year worth of posts and selected a bunch straight off and came up with 24, maybe I should’ve done 2 per month…

So I whittled it down to 12, it was pretty hard. I discounted my 2 Nile sunset shots, because even though they were posted this year, and even though we’ve had them printed on dirty big canvases and hung on our wall, technically they were shot last year. I’m sure people might disagree with my selection, heck, I’ll probably disagree tomorrow, but 2 glasses of wine later I’ve had enough (looking at photo’s that is, I’ll keep you updated on the wine).