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Dahab, Egypt

Finally, to finish off my series of shots from Egypt here’s a few taken the night before we departed for Jordan. The camel shot was in the final of the TNT magazine travel… Continue reading

Mosque of Muhammad Ali

The Mosque of Muhammad Ali, otherwise known as the Alabaster Mosque in Cairo.

A tent and one last Nile sunset

Back to pictures of Egypt. I promise this is the last sunset over the Nile.

Temple of Karnak

Last temple I promise……Ok maybe I can’t promise that.

Kom Obo Temple, a snake and The Temple of Edfu

Another Nile sunset

Taken the evening after the last lot….I swear this place just bleeds amazing light.

Nile Sunset

These were taken on the same evening, handheld, from a Felucca, well done new camera, well done….


Some of the feluccas from our Nile cruise. FYI, Feluccas are the ONLY way to travel the Nile.

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel. I think one of the most impressive thing about this and the Temple of Isis is the fact that they were moved when the Nile was dammed in the 1960’s. If… Continue reading

Temple of Isis