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Berlin, Day 3 part 2

After lunch the weather cleared right up. We decided to head towards the Brandenburg gate and hire bikes to ride through the Tiergarten. Unfortunately all the hire spots we came across seemed to… Continue reading

Berlin Day 3 part 1

So I’ve managed to finish editing the last of our third day in Berlin. Turns out there was a lot more than I thought so I’ve spread it out over two posts again.… Continue reading

Berlin day two, part….er…..two

More shots from our very grey, damp second day in Berlin. Sorry there hasn’t been much going on here lately,¬†apparently moving countries is a lot of work!

Berlin, Day 2 Part 1.

What, no day one? Nope, she rained, a lot, and my camera stayed in it’s bag the whole time! Also, I had intended this to be one post but I’ve gotten lazy and… Continue reading

Dachau concentration camp

I wasn’t sure how to¬†approach these shots. Dachau has a dark and horrid history yet the weather was amazing. So I’ve treated these quite grittily in an attempt to portray the feeling that… Continue reading

Nuremberg part 1

Ah Winter, hibernation has set in and I’ve been uninspired. But we did go to Nuremberg for Christmas.