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Geoff shoots Petros

Petros? No, Petros is not a mysterious Greek island you’ve never heard of, Petros (Peter) is a pelican who is the mascot of Mykonos. He seemed pretty chilled but perhaps a bit of… Continue reading

Geoff shoots Mykonos – Greece

Mykonos was the last Greek island we visited, it’s the one with the famous windmills….Apologies for the week long delay in posting, I’ve been in Morocco

Geoff shoots Naxos – Greece

I really liked Naxos, good frozen yoghurt. Also a random spontaneous performance by a famous Turkish opera singer while we ate, if anyone knows who he is let me know and award yourself 10… Continue reading

Geoff shoots Ios – Greece

Apparently the party island, I was tired and cranky after dinner so went back to the boat, the joys of getting old…

Geoff shoots Oia – Santorini – Greece

As threatened, shots from Oia (sounds like ear) on the island of Santorini. Oia is the place people picture in their heads when they think of the Greek islands as it’s probably the most… Continue reading

Geoff shoots Santorini – Greece

I probably should’ve made more of an effort to shoot in Santorini, but we were having too much fun hooning about on a quad bike. If you’re familiar with Santorini you’ll notice a… Continue reading

Geoff shoots Amorgos – Greece

The Island of Amorgos. It was a long cruise in rough seas from Kos, particularly for those of us with powerful hangovers from the night before (of which I was not one). Drove… Continue reading

Geoff shoots Kos – Greece

I’m not sure if that first picture is on Kos, but it was certainly on the way! There’s more photos than usual so I’ve used one of WordPress’s new fangled galleries, no one… Continue reading