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The last post from Rome

Here’s just a few shots from the last day or two in Rome, they don’t really fit into any kind of theme, but in the interest of full disclosure…

The Pantheon – Rome

We saved the Pantheon till last, and we were pressed for time as we had a plane to catch. I don’t think I did it justice as it’s an amazing structure, but at least I… Continue reading

Colosseum HDR, again!

So, you may remember I posted this shot a while ago of an early morning HDR of the Colosseum. Alison Shull from ArtLightNow mentioned she’d like to see the original out of camera shots… Continue reading

Sunrise at the Colosseum – Rome

This is kind of a London nights goes abroad kinda post. I’ve already posted a shot of the Colosseum from this angle here, but that was just a test shot for this shot,… Continue reading

Walk along the Tiber – Rome

A trip to Rome would be incomplete without a walk along this part of the Tiber, much like it would be incomplete without a trip to the Colosseum, eating pizza or…(insert world famous… Continue reading

The view from the top of the Altare della Patria – Rome

The Altare della Patria – Rome

After we got booted out of the Forum we went here, the Altare della Patria. We headed up to the roof for sunset, it had quite the view, I’ll save that for later.  

Roman Forum

We spent about an hour in here, before we were kicked out as they were closing. Shame, I could’ve spent longer. If you by a ticket for this and the Colosseum it actually lasts… Continue reading

Amphitheatrum Flavium (The Colosseum)

The Colosseum, we spent the better part of a day there, milling about. I could’ve stayed longer. Here’s a fun tip, when changing between lenses, make sure the one on the camera is… Continue reading

On the way to the Colosseum

I haven’t got much editing done these last few weeks. I’ve been trying to put together a photo book of our travels last year and the voucher I’m using expires on Thursday so… Continue reading