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Essaouira – Morocco

First there was the kitten, then there was the seaside, now an actual post on Essaouira. Essaouira was my favorite town that we visited in Morocco, though we didn’t visit that many. I… Continue reading

The seaside – Essaouira – Morocco

  Essaouira has a lot of soul so I’ve decided to split it into two posts, one for the seaside, the other for the town itself. I would’ve liked to spend longer there,… Continue reading

A kitten drinking from a puddle in Essaouira

I’m currently struck down with man flu and the last thing I feel like doing after a day at the office is edit pictures and write blog posts so here’s a slightly out… Continue reading

Agadir and a village on the way to Essaouira

Agadir had all the hallmarks of a resort town during its off season, which it was, plus the onset of two rather upset stomachs didn’t much help to endeer it to us (though… Continue reading

Goats up trees!

Moroccan goats love Argan trees, so much so they clamber up them just for a meal, they’re pretty cute. Think of these little guys next time your putting some £30 per tiny bottle… Continue reading

The Sahara – Morocco

I had visions of pictures of sweeping dunes as far as the eye could see. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, we spent most of the time on the back of camels (fun but my but is… Continue reading

Geoff shoots the Milky Way – Morocco

I cocked up with this photo and here’s why. When we decided to go to Morocco we booked a tour that included 3 nights camping in the Sahara. I’ve wanted to shoot the… Continue reading

Geoff shoots Zagora – Morocco

At least I think this is Zagora. According to our itinerary all we did today was go on the 4WD desert drive to Chigaga, with lunch in the middle. But somewhere before lunch we stopped… Continue reading

Geoff shoots Morocco – The road from Marrakech to the Desert

We arrived in Marrakech late in the afternoon and didn’t get a chance to explore. The following day was spent in a bus crossing the Atlas Mountains to the desert where we would… Continue reading