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Lindøya – Oslo (I think)

I think this is an Island called Lindøya, but I could be wrong. All I’ve got is my memory and Google maps.  

Ferry Ride – Oslo

Went on a wee ferry ride to kill some time before I had to head to the airport. Each side of the ferry had rather contrasting weather conditions, I managed to stay dry.

Operahuset – Oslo Opera House

Despite how the photos look, being on this building was so bright I could barely keep my eyes open.        

Views from Akershus Fortress – Oslo


Viking Ship Museum – Oslo

More boats in Oslo

View from Holmenkollbakken – Oslo

Holmenkollbakken – Oslo

Holmenkollbakken is a ski jump is Oslo, it’s also used to weed cowardly Norwegians out of the population. I used it to see how much of a scene I can fit into a… Continue reading

Oslo waterfront