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Geoff shoots Bodrum – Turkey

The first day of our Greek Islands tour, I’ve course Bodrum is neither Greek or an island, but you have to start somewhere! We only spent an afternoon here, and a lot of… Continue reading

New blog layout=bigger pictures.

So I changed my layout and removed the sill side bar. I never use Twitter and my Flickr photostream just mirrored my latest blog entries anyway. It also has a pretty slideshow at… Continue reading

Turkey, Day 16

Right, our last day in Turkey, more Istanbul.

Turkey, Day 15

Spent day 14 asleep on a bus from Cappadocia to Istanbul. This is our second to last day in Istanbul.

Turkey, Day 13

Last day in Cappadocia.

Turkey. Day 12

More Cappadocia.

Turkey, Day 11.

A camel stop and Cappadocia.

Turkey, Day 10

Drove too Olympia, where we sat and drank and I didn’t take many photos. Then went to Antalya for the night where I took this of the setting sun.

Turkey, Day 9

Kekove boat cruise.

Turkey. Day 8