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So long London

It’s Sunday the 16th of June and for the first and last time I am sitting in a Starbucks on a macbook. The carpets in our very empty flat are currently being washed,… Continue reading

Victoria & Albert Museum and St Pauls Cathedral

I know my last post mentioned that I had just been in Berlin and I had a bunch of photo’s to go through. But the weekend before that we’d been to the Victoria… Continue reading

A Red Panda, an Alligator, a Zebra’s mane and a couple of Tigers – Paradise Wildlife Park

Red panda’s are cute, alligators don’t move much, the zebras were too close and I couldn’t be bothered changing lenses and besides, the background was a fence, and tiger’s, like all cats, don’t do much… Continue reading

Meerkats – Paradise Wildlife Park

Everybody loves Meerkats, Paradise Wildlife Park even had some pups when we were there. I learned that bright sunlight and white fur plays havoc with a cameras exposure meter and you need to… Continue reading

Dorset Coast

The other weekend we stayed with family in Poole. We went on a wee whirlwind tour of the surrounding country, beaches and villages.  I know I say this about everywhere I go but I could have… Continue reading

Portland Bill Lighthouse

I do like a good lighthouse, unfortunately you don’t get to see to many in London. This is the Portland Bill lighthouse. The light and weather were changing a lot, which made for some nice… Continue reading

How to eat breakfast like a Cheetah – Paradise Wildlife Park

These guys are the 3 cheetah brothers at Paradise Wildlife Park, I forget their names as the park doesn’t list their animals names like a lot of zoos and I can’t find out… Continue reading

Moto the White Lion – Paradise Wildlife Park

This is Moto, the male White Lion at Paradise Wildlife Park. He’s just become a dad for the first time, so deserves the rest and the big yawn. The last shot is actually… Continue reading

Richmond Park Deer – London

So I finally had a free day on a weekend where I didn’t already have plans, it wasn’t raining, it wasn’t too cold and I wasn’t too hung over and went to Richmond… Continue reading

London Photowalk – Night walk

I already posted a shot from this walk here as part of my London nights series (ok I’ll ost it here again as well), but thought I should post a few of the rest. As… Continue reading