Time for some Birds

More from London Zoo, these guys had more character that a lot of the people I work with.

A Tiger a Lion and a Giraffe

    All taken at London Zoo at Zoo Nights.    

Brixton photo walk part 2


Brixton photo walk part 1

So I’ve attended a couple of photo walks organised by The London photo walk. Nice buch of people and a splendid way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Just watch it

Watch this space, go on, watch it. And no, this isn’t some kind of attempt at creating interest, I just liked this particular piece of graffiti.

3 doors down

3 doors down the same 300m street, nothing to do with that terrible band.

50mm fun?

Went to Borough markets, kept my 50mm 1.8 lens on. A bit to long on my camera to be truly versatile, but fun.

Nuremberg part 1

Ah Winter, hibernation has set in and I’ve been uninspired. But we did go to Nuremberg for Christmas.

Neuhausen, Rheinfall part 2 and Schaffhausen

Neuhausen, Rheinfall

Supposedly the biggest falls in Europe, a little underwhelming considering I was expecting something like closer too Niagara but still enjoyable.