Zurich, Part 3

Zurich, Part 2

Zurich, part 1


Autumn is here, Hamstead Heath.

More Chelsea Auto Legends

There’s even a self portrait in one of these!

Chelsea Auto Legends

Here’s a few shots from the Chelsea Auto Legends show that was on a few months ago.

New blog layout=bigger pictures.

So I changed my layout and removed the sill side bar. I never use Twitter and my Flickr photostream just mirrored my latest blog entries anyway. It also has a pretty slideshow at… Continue reading

Turkey, Day 16

Right, our last day in Turkey, more Istanbul.

Turkey, Day 15

Spent day 14 asleep on a bus from Cappadocia to Istanbul. This is our second to last day in Istanbul.

Turkey, Day 13

Last day in Cappadocia.